A Labrador hugs its owner after surgery

Pets are a part of our life. And even the thought of losing them one day upsets us. When a pet parent is faced with the prospect of their dog needing surgery, moments of anxiety and stress are guaranteed.

This is what happened to the man who discovered that his dog had a ball around its neck.And he needed an emergency operation.

The heartfelt shots capture the dog’s emotional reunion with his owner after surgery. During the operation, the owner did not leave the hospital.Every minute he was waiting for his best friend to return to him.

When the operation was successful, it was a tearful moment for both dog and owner. His dog, with stitches on his neck, hugged the owner and didn’t let go. A man and a dog don’t stop kissing.

The father is so happy that his dog is back that he can’t help but hug him. It’s a touching moment between a man and his best friend.

A Labrador named Jack Daniel had to undergo surgery to remove a lump from his neck.

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