A very notable dog orn the very strange pandas

Even the nature can make very many surprises.Which can not emagine if a very fantastic person.Now we will tell you a very fantastic one and paying attention to it you can be sure that it is out of any imagination.

In one china country the dog became a mother of two little puppies.It was as a real panda with its character and appereance.The owner named Lin Sue could not understand how it could be.The mom and dad of the dogs were so usual dogs and why they were how strange.

The popularity of the puppies became known in all over the world even Tv and press media were interested in it.Even the specialists could not understand how it was so the very possitive and beautiful puppies lived in the world as a star and their owner gave them real population.

Now it is a real army of people who want to be the owner of the strange dogs but its owner can not give or sail them yet.

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