A very touching story. the owner of the bar made the last and unforgettable journey with his beloved dog

These heartbreaking photos are an evidence how a kind owner has taken his sick dog friend for his last adventure He had a short time to live, so was taken in a wheelchair.

The owner was named Carlos, who adored his loyal doggo, and passed both saddest and happiest moments with him during their together life.

They created many nice and memorable moments together.

They were bonded with each other with an inseparable tie.

Unfortunately, Monti, his adorable doggo was sick: he was diagnosed with leukemia.

His caring human did absolutely everything possible for recovering him with several medicines and a series of chemo therapies.

However, the time and the measured did not prevent the pitiful and dangerous situation.

Realizing, that his beloved friend had a very short life to spend, Carlos decided to spend the most of his time with Monti to do all the things the dog loved.

So, that time they made a last but the most memorable journey together. They ascended the Pen Fan peak in the Brecon Beacons: they used to play and make fun together there.

This is so touching to look at the photos of the faithful and emotional moments.

They have stayed at the mountain peak for a week with their other friends.

All of them spent an unbelievable and memorable days together.

Unfortunately, after one week, Monti kicked off.

Carlos was so upset and in bad condition loosing his adorable friend. He would forever keep those sad and happy days with Monti in his mind.

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