A woman rescued to lynxes and they now live happily in her farm

Annastassia Poznyak has thousands followers who are interested in her life .She has very  increadible pets.In 2018 she took the first linx to his house.This was the second when two years passed she decided to take the second one.The only fair of her was that how wiould the naighbors act to her animals.She has six khaslkies an ilnuit and a laika.She even has kittena .And all this animals live together play and spend very interesting time together.The horses  in the farm also excepted the all animals and links as well.Animals are not agressive they are happy becouse they understand that the girl takes care of them and feed them in th same time.In such cases the animals are very grateful but if you make tricks with them they are more agressive.Anastassia is very happy becouse she gives the animals a happy life.

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