A woman transformed a small old storage into a large and cozy house of 126 square meters in a year

Meet Martha Nowitzki, who could only afford to buy a small old garage with savings.

However, the building was located in Dalston which is one of the most required areas in London.

The woman made up in her mind a great and successful house project to carry out.

No one could imagine how to turn a small garage into a huge place better than she.

So, he started to work on her project, transforming the small storage into 126 square meters of vast construction.

She created her dreamy house building up its floors on one another.

Moreover, as she was a famous and skillful architect, she perfectly understood the matter.

Also, she developed a great design of creating such a nice and comfortable “apartment” for herself.

The building visually seemed much larger inside than outside.

She merely didn’t change its basic walls and facade.

As fenced to maintain the original style and look of the building.

So, we can see that her plan successfully works!

She removed all the walls and gates from the inner part, which showed the area was wider and cozier.

Soon, after the entire remote of her new cozy house, she invited her friends to visit her.

So, everyone was amazed at how she could turn 46 meters into a vast place of 126 squares.

This came to prove, that if you want to carry out your dream, no matter what, you will overcome all the challenges to reach your goal.

Well done Martha!

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