Abandoned dog waited 5 days in the snow for the return of his family

Dogs love people more than we ever imagined. They are so loyal that whenever people betray them, they always fail to understand what happened, even when the situation is perfectly clear.

This is exactly what happened to Carla, the dog that was abandoned in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. The dog was waiting for his owners for 2 days in a row when the locals got worried about her and called Janine Guido, an experienced lifeguard and founder of a local animal rescue organization.

Guido was there for 3 more days trying to save Carla. The dog even accepted some food from her hands, but whenever she tried to put a leash on her, she always ran away. The dog would disappear for days, reappearing on someone’s back porch after a while, always refusing people’s help.

One day, Janine was on Facebook sharing the news of the rescue live, and all of a sudden she found Carla in the back of her car. She probably got tired of waiting, realized that she needed help, and decided to trust the woman who had been trying to save her for several days.

Janine immediately took Carla to the vet, where it turned out that she didn’t have a microchip and was 15 to 20 pounds underweight.
After living in a foster home with other dogs and fully recovering from the experience, Carla has found a permanent home and is now living her best life with her new family.

A dog named Carla lived in an icy forest in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.The residents were worried because the dog was alone and it was cold outside.Janine Guido, an experienced rescuer, received many calls of concern and traveled to the area to rescue the dog.

She fed Carla and was always on guard for her.Janine tried to put a leash on Carla, but she always ran away.There were times when Carla disappeared for several days, and the locals began to look for her.Sometimes she would suddenly appear on the back porch of one of the tenants.

One day, while Janine was on Facebook sharing the rescue live, Carla suddenly jumped into the back seat of her car.Carla was taken to the vet. It was discovered that she did not have a microchip and was left on her own for a while.In addition, she was underweight by 15-20 pounds.After living with other adopted dogs in a good shelter, Carla finally found a family for good.

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