Ants cover a dead bee with flower petals in what looks like a real funeral

When we find it difficult to get along with others, we should look to the Animal Kingdom for inspiration.

A particularly inexplicable act of kindness by a group of ants.

The video shows a bumble bee sitting on gravel surrounded by mauve flower petals.Then you see several petals approaching the bee.

That’s when you realize there are ants carrying the flower petals to the deceased bee.

Webinger, who works in Stillwater, Minnesota, was shocked by what he saw.

So, was the rest of the internet.

Twitter user Sophia Klar tweeted photos showing circular flower arrangements around several dead bees with yellow flower petals.

According to IFL Science, the ants aren’t “giving the bees a dignified send-off.”

Putting flower petals on the bees may be an attempt to cover up their food so other scavengers don’t get it.

“The arrangement would therefore be less of a funerary practice and more like hiding takeout leftovers as a UFO (unidentified foiled object) in your dorm fridge to stop prying roommates from eating them.”

Another theory is that the bees gave a signal that the ants should get out.

Ants love to clean up and practice necrophoresis to keep their colonies clean.They could perform the same task, but with bees covering up the corpse would prevent it from attracting attention.

But we still think it’s an ant funeral.

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