Beagle puppy hugs cat brother while they birdwatch together

And, of course, Jasper didn’t know if he could trust this new dog brother of his or not. However, their owner Lisa Olsen-Plummer had a sneaking suspicion that the two would at least learn to tolerate each other if given some time, but she never imagined they would become as close as they are now.

At first, when Bomet Jasper, her cat sibling, she struggled with how to behave around him.

Because Jasper stuck to each other, and not only learned to live with each other, but also can’t live without each other! They are best friends and completely inseparable.


If their hugs and games were not enough to show their love to each other, Olsen-Plummer recorded a delightful moment of connection on video.

Jasper sat on the couch and looked out the window when Bo jumped up to see what he was up to. After a few seconds, Bo raised his paw and hugged Jasper, as if hugging him.

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