Brave diver puts her hand inside the shark’s mouth to remove fishing hooks

The name of Cristina Zenato is famous in the row of divers and diving lovers. Her enormous work with sharks is highly appreciated. Working more than 2 decades with sharks and other marine creatures, she got a worldwide reputation as the ‘shark whisperer.’

The last video, she posted, won’t leave anyone at rest!

In the video, the woman is actually surrounded by a large group of sharks in the area of the Bahamas. One of the sharks unexpectedly approaches the diver, and it seems, as it wanted to be pet by her.

To Cristina’s surprise, it is the shark named Foggy Eye who actually doesn’t like to be touched.

Soon, Cristina understands that the marine habitant is asking for help and comes near the shark. It was the time when the diver realizes that there is a fishhook inside its mouth.

As she tells, she just didn’t panic and went in to grab the hook. Now it’s a common thing for this woman to be called a ”shark dentist.”

It is still unbelievable how she managed to come close to the predator. It turns out that Cristina has the ability to put the sharks into a trance-like state. In other words, she puts the sharks to bed.

Watch the exceptional moment here!

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