Brutal trucker cried from his happiness when he found the cat whome he lost years ago

The trucker had a very  unreal friend who went everywhere with the man.It was the cat named Esh.Years ago the cat ran from the truck and went away she was frightened from that unknown plase that is why she hiden under the tree.

Matew looked for the cat very much time but everything was unsuccessful.And the used to work only at the same place in order to find his cat from anywhere.

One day he drow the car and helped the stranger  woman to go from place  to place and in the way the woman told about the cat whome she took to the shelter from that road.


The man thought that it was his cat.It was very good that Esh had a chip and the man went to take his cat at once .When the owner and the cat met each other the owner cried with tears he told that day The day of a christmas wonder day and they two were very glad to meet each other again.

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