Each year, 14,000 kilometers are traveled to meet their disabled female partner: a true love tale between two storks

There are really very strong bonds between many people who would fly 14,000 km to see their loved ones. And during the flight, they would enjoy the flight or maybe would sleep, watch an in-flight movie, right?

But talking about birds, we need to be honest, as they can’t fly by plains. In this story, a stock each year flies 14,000 to meet her girlfriend.

The love story started back in 1993, when a local school caretaker – found a female stock injured, as a result of a shot by hunters. Since that day, the bird has started to permanently live in that area.

The man improvised an ”artificial Africa” – an aquarium for the bird named Malena so that she can stay alive in the cold winters in Croatia.

When spring comes, the man builds a huge nest on the top of the building for Malena. It is the time when she meets her lover – Klepetan.

Malena and Klepetan together have 62 offspring and still continuing having babies. Each year, Malena waits for her beloved, who flies 14,500 km (from Cape Town, South Africa to Croatia). It takes a week for the male stock to visit her girlfriend!

What a wonderful example of love between birds!

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