Every morning that cat was running in the street and waited love from people

It is very few that people pay attention to the street people .All hurry to their work and never pay attention to the fellows who want care and friendship.

They want only a little food and attention a glance if you can not take them with you you can onyll glance them.You can find shelters in the social sites for them or houses to live in.It can cost not much but you do something good and be shure you can get it any time.

This cat is one of the pets which are in the street.Their owners left them in the street without the mother cat and they have nothing to do in the street .They have no food to eat and have no place to live in.

This cat wanted to help himself and make a warm place he run across all people and cried with tiers but nobody payed attention to her.

She hurmed a lot waited but finally found the place to live in.The woman helped the cat took her to the hospital cured many deseases.

The little kitten became elder and was a very nice one.They made a lot of photos of her and we have a hope that this poor and at  the same time very wonderful cat will find its own place in this world and will be happy.

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