Everyone was afraid of that street dog as he knoked all windows maybe he wanted a warm place

The woman was sitting in the warm place and was having dinner when anybody knocked at the window.

First she thought that it was a man then she saw the legs of the animal and understood that it was a dog.He was standing on the back lags and was knoking the door when he saw the girl was very happy and very soon the woman took him home and gave a warm place then food to eat.The next day the new friend of a woman took him work with him.All liked the dog as he was very shy and happy,

The workers gave the dog a name Palma.All day was light but in the evening the woman could not take the dog out and he stayed there.

People who saw  the dog rang the valantiers and told about the domestic dog.He sat to the car in order to go out from that firm .

Then after going there he ran out of the car .In a ward he wanted his owner.The valantiers took him to the shelter he was friendly but he needs home with friendly owners who can keep him long and well.

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