Exceptionally rare spirit moose with her calf spotted on Canadian highway

A woman named Jackie Burns Loyer was in the right place at the right time. She was driving through the highway area covered with trees and forest shrubs in Northern Ontario when she witnessed a very rare scene.

The exceptionally beautiful mother moose and her calf were crossing the road. The woman was surprised by the sighing and started to capture moments with her camera.

These mosses were white because of the recessive gene. This gene makes them exceptional in their herd. They are very rare however and this woman was very lucky to see them. It is said that the white moose brings good luck.

Jackie switched off the ignition in order not to frighten the mosses. However, the rare animals knew that they were being shot.

The calf was already in the bushes and the mother moose was crossing the road very calmly as if showing that they knew that people noticed them.

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