Formerly conjoined Erin and Abby have recently performed separation surgery..

Meet these sweet twins named Erin and Abby Delaney.They were born with their heads joined together.

Fortunately, after a successful operation, they can finally sit down and part ways.

As their doctor stated five months after the surgery, they were completely happy as both sisters successfully recovered from the surgery.

The operation lasted more than eleven hours.About 30 doctors helped to perform the difficult operation.

According to their chief physician, Dr. Taylor, it was the first and most successful operation for conjoined twins.

He said because younger children recover faster and better, they decided to intervene.They aimed to help them to come back to normal life as soon as possible.

The sweet sisters were born in 2016 and after half a year they were already separated.

So they celebrated their first special day independently of each other.

They received over 300 postcards from people all over the world.

Their mom confessed the first months were extremely difficult to treat them.

Although they had problems with their future well-being, the parents were very happy.

However, this is not the final treatment: the young twins will have another plastic surgery to restore the missing bones of the head.

Wish them a fast recovery and full integration into normal and healthy life.

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