Guy gave his t-shirt to a freezing dog who was in the metro station

Every day we can have a chanse to be kind for all .We must be kind especially for animals they are weaker then us.This is a story about the boy who desided to change the world and how people were surprised by his action.The boy whose name was fernando paolo was walking with his brother and saw the dog.It  was clearly visible that it was frozen from the cold.The  boy put off his t-shirt and give it to the dog.All passers by where in shoke and no one even his brother did not understood what was there going on.After all when everybody understood what was going on all people came with cameras and made reports about the undressed boy and the frozen dog.We have a need of such kind of boys who do not thing  only about themselves.We have a need of kind people..

Thank you dear Fernandes.

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