Hero of the day: a little dog found and rescued a premature baby from the garbage

This heroic story is about a big-hearted doggo, who saved a newborn’s life.

It happened in one of the rural towns of Thailand.

Everyone in the town recognized the cute little dog named Pui.

For them, he was a kind and sweet pet, who gave joy and smiles to everyone he meet on the streets.

He used to go to the streets in search of food because his owners were not so rich to provide permanent stuck of food to Pui.

His favorite place was the small dump nearby their house.

One day he was there, enjoying the leftovers of food when he came back home with a plastic sack in his mouth.

Suddenly he rushed to the house to show something.

He was very confused about what he found.

His 12-year-old owner was at home, and he immediately opened the sack to reveal the secret.

To their great surprise, a newborn baby was inside it.

The parents instantly took the baby to the nearest hospital.

Luckily, the doctors put the baby into an incubator and rescued him.

Even the Red Cross awarded the dog with a medal for his heroic action.

Do, this brave dog truly did a great action by saving the baby.

This case shows us, that no matter what nationality or spice you are, you can help someone who needs help.

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