“Hey, I’m here”: the funny moment when the wildlife photographer didn’t notice this cute buck behind him

Probably, you can imagine how difficult it is to find and “catch” the unique and creative moments of wildlife animals.

They should be enormously patient and calm to finally be able to capture a successful photo from a hundred spoiled ones.

Sometimes, they even can capture and create incredible pics, of course, if it depends on their luck.

However, the hero of this story faced a funny situation after wandering for several hours and couldn’t capture a single photo.

This time, he became one of the unluckiest photographers, who only could see the animals quickly jumping into the bushes.

Once, this man was at Bushy Park located in west London.

His camera was ready to fix a capture for over 7 hours, but, unfortunately, it was settled wrongly.

So, a gorgeous buck was popping up right behind him, though the man was fully focused on the wrong destination.

As if, the buck was whispering “Psst… I’m just here, behind you!”.

This man did not have an idea to turn around and unearth the miracle, though the amazing red animal was standing there for a few minutes.

However, another photographer managed to spot this funny and important moment and immortalized it forever.

As Roger said, he spotted a cameraman focused on deer activity in a glade.

However, he was unaware of the large and incredible red buck just behind him.

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