Homeless dog adopted by gas station saves them during armed robbery

Dogs never stop proving that they are man’s best friend, like this rescue dog that saved its owner’s business from thieves. Two years ago, a stray dog was found at a gas station in Tamaulipas, Mexico.

The staff decided to adopt the dog and named him Randy. They took care of him, fed him and vaccinated him. It is very much loved by employees and customers, and some customers choose to fill up at this gas station mainly because of the presence of the cute dog.
Randy repaid their kindness generously, and the security camera was able to capture it all.

One night, two armed thieves broke into a gas station and forced an employee to open a branch where they keep money. Randy, who was sleeping at the train station, was awakened by the commotion and immediately rushed to attack the robbers and successfully repelled them.
Randy’s human family was obviously proud of him and his courage, and this story proves that having a dog in the workplace is truly a blessing.

A homeless dog started showing up at a gas station in Tamaulipas, Mexico, so the staff decided to adopt him and named him Randy. One night, two armed thieves tried to rob a gas station. The robbers ordered to open an office where employees keep money.

Randy, who was sleeping at the station, woke up and immediately came to the rescue. He helped the employee and successfully drove off the robbers.

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