Hopeless tigress approached a man for help: she begged him to rescue her cub

This touching story happened a couple of years ago in one of the sanctuaries of Crimea.

The founder of the reserve named Ivan.

He put great effort to protect wild animals around the deep forests of the northern part of the country.

So, he named the sanctuary “Taigan” where there are several species of wild creatures.

Especially, he has gathered those who are under the restriction, including rare water tigers, who are on the red book lists.

He was a true nature protector.

One day he went for a walk through the forest.

He used to go and check whether the poachers were there.

For a while, he sat to have a rest, when he noticed an Amur tigress slowly coming to him.

As if, she was asking for some help.

Suddenly, the hopeless animal turned back and disappear.

And, only after a few minutes came back again with her cub in her mouth.

At first, he didn’t realize the case, but when the mom came closer, he noticed that she was injured.

As if, there was hope in her eyes, she trusted her cub to a protector, knowing that he would care for it.

After putting her baby next to the man, she turned and went.

Ivan was impressed by her gesture and took the responsibility to look after the tiny cub until it would be able to return to wildlife.

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