Kindhearted cops took care of a little cat found under a car engine compartment, and he was shortly adopted.

Imagine how overfull the local animal shelter may be. And the most proficient way to help them somehow, is to foster them.

So, this touching story is a great example of human kindness and love towards a helpless animal.

Once, police officers of one of the New York Police departments fostered a tiny kitten, after they evidently found the poor pet from the car engine section.

Ramapo Police station posted pictures of the case, demonstrating the policemen, who opened the car cap to check the engine.

Ramapo Police station shared on the Twitter, that on Thursday, three officers managed to rescue a little kitten, trapped in the car engine.

After some hours they could safely take out the tiny creature there.

The incident took place on May 26, when a person reported about the kitty near Lackawant to Trail. And the policemen hurried to rescue the kitten.

So, after removing the frightened kitty out of the car engine, the kind officers calmed down and huddled him.

Luckily, one of them, named Christine Winter, adopted the lovely pet and foster him with all her heart.

She named him Otto, who was 4 weeks old then.

Moreover, Otto became a close with Winter’s another rescued kitty, named Ella, with whom they became a real happy family.

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