Kitten was born 4 days later he was very attacjhed to his mother.

Sheldy was a cat who gave birth to four kittens.She met a person who was very cariing and fed him and took care of her.Sheldy was taken to the veterinary to spay but it was found that she had more then four  kittens.

All kittens survived saved only one but he also died .Doctors tried hard to do well for them but he died.Days later it happened a very strange thing.The man who found the cat took her home from the clinic.Not much time later they found the cat was giving birth to another kitten .It was a very active and attractive one.From the first times of his life kitten demanded food.Shebly nursed the kitten and gave her a demand and care.

They named the kitten Lizzie and after fifteen  days later was clear that everything was good with him.Inspide of the kitten was born very little not very long later the kitten was very big.

The cat and her kitten lived very happy in the same home.

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