Lion from the zoo went to the tourists bus and wanted to touch them

This is a very strange and funny story about the llion who wanted to get in touch with people .

His name was Fille and one day fille ran from the zoo in order to see people.People from many cities came by bus to see the city and they  did it in an open bus they rescued and will remember about it many years.It was so thet the beast came to their bus and wanted to touch the people .

They were very frightened but did not show it.Fille was very big one and very frightening ut not looking his apperance he was very friendly and loving.He wanted to everybody to love and care of him.The story of the very lovely lion was shown in all sites and tv programmes.

It is very interesting that all tourists who at first were very frightened loved the lion and wanted to play with them to make photos and did not let him out of the bus.There are even people who specially went to the bus to get near him and play with him.people understood that the beast wanted only love and care .


How will you reackt the situation if you be in the place of tourists.

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