Little boy plays harmonica and dog joins mom’s show

And one, and two, and three..You are nothing but a hound dog, screaming all the time!We bet even Elvis Presley, who famously sang Hound Dog, would be proud of this dog and his harmonica-playing buddy.

A little boy is playing the harmonica and his mother is filming when suddenly Bloodhound’s howling instincts are activated.A lot of people describe it as a doggy blues, but we think it sounds like a doggy symphony.

The dog that continues to howl excitedly, raising and lowering its voice, is absolutely delighted.Its owner acts as both crooner and musician in this unlikely but highly entertaining performance.

It’s impossible not to wonder if they’ll take their show on the road.Maybe they can try out for Canine American Idol?

This video is sure to make you laugh out loud, so turn on your speakers and enjoy!Click the video below to see this dynamic duo!

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