Little kitten was in the street several days

In the little town of America in Phoenix the kittens always vere wondering in the street.They lived in such a way until they were  found by the rescue team.malinda Blain was one of the founders who was interested by this animals.She always went to the street played with them and feeded them.Even in animals world it is so they can not live without their mother and if they are appart they can cry more and more.In order to save her pets from the very many desease she always did everything to keep her pet appart from bonsah was able to gain 15 gramms.The kittens soted out the set tray together and began to explore one world together.For the first time in their lifes they tried solid food and got hooked on oit.The rescued team plans to find home for these  funny kittens.However it would be late  now they need to grow up a little more.

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