Mama leopard is there for her cubs to teach them to cross the road: heartwarming footage

It’s a hard thing to believe that there are people fond of traffic jams. But when the thing comes to traffic in a South African safari, it’s hardly believable. At least, it’s interesting enough to witness and take photos!

Why not, it’s a good opportunity for both locals and tourists to see wild creatures on the road and admire them. Imagine seeing glorious lions, giant elephants, rhinos and leopards.

Recently, a man was driving the car with his daughter when a remarkable scene opened in front of their eyes. The 64 years old man captured the moment during a traffic jam in front of his car.

Everybody thought they were witnessing a lion’s pride but, eventually, the man’s daughter noticed that it was a leopard trying to move her cubs.

Mom leopard was helping her 2 little babies to cross the street when they got scared and refused to move on. Of course, all the vehicles stopped driving until the leopard family would walk on.

Soon, people in traffic noticed how the mother leopard was convincing the cubs to go forward. The babies finally could trust their mom and crossed the street. It was discovered to be very tiring crossing the road for one of the cubs, but gladly he accepted the help of his mama!

Watch the cutest road crossing scene here:

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