Man accidentally found a whole family of lynxes having fun on the porch of his house

The incredible luck of a resident of Alaska introduced him to a real lynx! One morning Tim Newton woke up with a strange sound.

It seemed to him that the rattle came from the porch … Of course, he decided to go there sooner to see what was happening.

There was no limit to the man’s surprise – a family of lynxes was merrily frolicking on his porch. Seven little lynxes and their mother were having fun in the fresh air, without worrying about waking the person up.

Tim, of course, immediately grabbed the phone and took these magical shots. They are magical, if only because how often it is so easy to meet wild animals?

The man was amazed at how calm the lynxes behaved in relation to him and came to the interesting conclusion that 99% of the time the mother lynx spends “spying” on her cubs. On the other hand, if they are so funny, why not?

An interesting fact is that wild animals often go to the place of residence of people. Most likely, they want to meet and study us, or maybe they just stopped being afraid, which is not bad on the one hand.

Tim was very lucky to be visited by real wild animals and turned out to be completely friendly.

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