Man saved a homeless kitten in a fire and now he does not want to leave him

A fire broke out in the garages where a tiny kitten lived. The firemen managed to save him, after which the animal was brought to the veterinarian.

Unfortunately, his legs suffered greatly from the fire. The doctors immediately began to treat the baby.

However, he was so happy about his salvation that he did not even pay attention to the pain, and constantly cuddling his saviors.

This kitten got the nickname Dobbie. Doctors have chosen a bandaging for him, which looks like socks.

I have to say that the baby was very stable under all the manipulations. And of course, the workers could not remain equal to what was happening.

And each of them wanted to hug the baby. Regarding Rouba, he saw the story of the baby on the social network and immediately went to the hospital. He really wanted to get to know the little one.

Rob himself says that as soon as he saw the baby, he immediately wanted to be friends with him. Despite the fact that the little one was all bandaged, he constantly wanted to play.

When the man decided to leave, he didn’t want to let him go. And, of course, Rob could not remain indifferent to the baby.

He constantly helped him and thought about him. Of course, the day came when Rob decided to come and take the kitty forever.

The kitten’s treatment was long and difficult. As a result, he lost some of his fingers, but this did not limit the baby.

And as soon as the doctors removed all the bandages, the kitten immediately began to play, as if he had never been sick.

At this time, Rob arrived, ready to take the baby to him. So the kitten got into its new home. Today he lives in a pack with other kitties.

Rob has built a great house for his cats to have fun with. As for the other cats, they gladly accepted the new owner.

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