Meet Wallace, a cute corgi who has a beautiful heart shaped nose and a big heart to hug all the dogs he meets

Meet this sweet and adorable doggo who is a loving soul.

He is so affectionate that an amazing heart-shaped mark is reflected on his nose.

Wallace is a playful and active furry pet who is a walking box of love and happiness.

Moreover, he loves to give his love and good mood of his big heart to everyone he sees.

When he goes for a walk with his beloved father, Noah Raminik, the cutest Corgi asks his owner to stop whenever they see another dog.

So, he can let them have a big and affectionate hug.

When he meets other dogs like him, he actually rejoices and feels so happy that he rushes to express his emotions by hugging them.

How can a little puppy have such a heart full of love and emotion?

And, since his cuteness isn’t enough, Wallace’s nose is marked with an adorable heart.

Its owner is so happy to have such a sweet and joyful companion.

Wallace is so playful and friendly which makes him so sweet.

When they go for a walk, Reminek likes to watch his furry friend play with other dogs.

As the man says, Wallace spreads love and sunshine wherever he goes.

No matter how big or small the newly encountered puppy is, he just jumps to his feet to hug him with all his might with his tiny paws.

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