Missing little boy reunited with his father: he was guarded by a protective stray doggo

A little positive vibes thanks to an adorable and protective stray doggo, who saved this cute toddler’s life.

Khamarion Taylor, this sweet 3-year-old boy was wandering the busy streets in north St. Louis.

Fortunately, one of his neighbors spotted him who was on a walk with her dog that early morning.

The sweet youngster was in pajamas: probably he had escaped from home unconsciously.

However, what surprised the witnesses most was that young Taylor was being led by a stray pit bull.

It seemed, that the clever doggo appeared there to guard and protect him from danger.

That really caught everyone’s attention and made their hearts melt from the cutest scene.

After informing the police and the young boy’s dad about their location.

Soon, they managed to find the trace and arrived discovering the adorable and inseparable duo on the street.

The faithful guardian did not leave his sweet little human friend until his dad arrived.

However, the grateful family could not forget the clever and protective creature for his heroic act.

Taylor’s daddy decided to pick his son’s loyal friend with them to give him a forever home in return.

They named the pit Peri and took him to a vet where he was diagnosed with an eye infection.

Luckily, after a few days, their heroic doggo placed their family to live his peaceful and lovely days with Taylor.

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