More than 4000 Beagle dogs being prepared for drug trials were saved from a medical center: now they are waiting for home

Recently, the US Human Society and their rescue center colleagues have received a request from the US department of Justice to take out over 4000 Beagles from being laboratory tasting.

The center, called Envigo, has bred beagle dogs for research purposes. It turned out, that instead of giving the pets veterinarian treatment, the facility just relieved them out.

Meanwhile, some rescue organizations also take out lots of beagles from a Virginia center, who was closed for violating animal rights.

According to investigators reports, the poor pets were fed with a food, being filled with feces, maggots and mold.

Moreover, there were nursing dogs, who were kept without any food.

So, the Humane Society of the US, witnessing all those atrocities, called partners for adopting and give these abused dogs new lives.

As Kitty Block, the president of the US Humane Society said, it took them 60 days to reset all the dogs into shelters to welcome new partners and families to foster the pets.

She also mentioned, that only 400 Beagles were saved this week, and they urgently need new homes.

In addition, from many states Beagle dogs were placed in shelters throughout the country. And that this breed is one of the most frequently used one for laboratory trials.

The process of rescuing Beagles takes enormous errand, and many veterinarians, volunteers and drivers are needed.

All these people hope to give human love, attention and treatment to these injured pets, and also find new forever homes as soon as possible.

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