Nobody wanted to take this dog, but she called an ambulance to her owner and saved him

Kevin Weaver bought a dog named Belle at a pet store. Before that, Belle had already left the store twice and went to new families, but very soon she was returned. Both previous buyers have complained that Belle is too active, although this is quite typical for a beagle her age.

Kevin has diabetes, and the disease is in a serious stage and the man has to constantly monitor his health and measure his blood sugar. Kevin lived alone and Belle was great company for him. The man and the dog quickly found a common language. Kevin even took Belle to dog training, where she was taught to tell her sugar levels by smelling a person’s breath. In the course, dogs were taught not only to recognize low sugar levels in humans, but also to warn them about it with the help of barking.

One day, Kevin felt weak, although he had just woken up, and the man was also dizzy. Despite the fact that he knows a lot about his illness and has kept it under control for many years, Kevin could not immediately understand that the reason for his poor health was too much drop in sugar levels.

Such situations happen to all patients from time to time, but, fortunately for Kevin, Belle learned her lessons well and, smelling her master’s breath, began to bark loudly. Immediately, Kevin did not understand what his pet was trying to tell him, he decided that in this way Belle was asking to go outside.

The owner took the pet out into the yard, but she did not stop barking, so they soon returned to the house. As soon as he entered the apartment, the man lost consciousness. This case could have ended sadly, but the situation was saved by Belle, who applied all her knowledge gained in the courses.

Belle found the owner’s mobile phone and pressed the number 9 with her teeth, which was programmed to automatically call the emergency service. As soon as the dog heard the operator’s number on the receiver, she began to bark loudly, and the dispatcher sent an ambulance to Kevin’s house. Medics arrived on time and were able to save the man.

“That day she saved my life, if not for her, this could have been my last day. For me, Belle is not just a lifeguard, first of all she is a best friend, ”says Kevin.

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