Old woman could not imagine what kind of cat she picked up on the street and saved

Recently, a very unique incident took place. An old woman saw a kitten on the street and took pity on him. She took him to her place and went out.

The kitten grew larger than the usual cat, but the old woman was not surprised, she fed him homemade milk, sour cream, and cheese.

She loved her cat very much. He was for her as a grandson.

Once thieves wanted to rob the house of this old woman. They easily broke down the door and entered.

The cat was sleeping in the closet on the top shelf, where the hats are.

The cat wasn’t afraid of them. He attacked the thieves and bit the carotid artery of one of the burglars who died in the same place. The second was crippled so that the man got into intensive care. The third one was lucky – he ran away.

The police that arrived at the scene were shocked by what had happened. It turned out that the grandmother’s cat is a wild manul. And the most interesting thing is that these wild animals are considered untamed.

Anyway, the question remains open: how did he get so close to people’s homes?

In general, Pallas’ cats are not aggressive animals, but defending their home, they can attack someone who encroaches on their home.

Even wild animals can be our friends if we treat them well and give them our love.

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