On the black friday the girl brought a cat inspite of the buyings

Who doesn t want to buy a new thing on the sales day.Natalia went from home in order to buy many things for her and sat in the bus station and wrote the paper of useful things in her mind.But all Natalis wants changed when she saw how anybody was coming to her.

Thet was the homeless cat which wanted to get aquanted with the cat.the cat was quiet big and seeing that the girl liked her she wanted to get in touch with her.They sat in the bus station and played a bit then an hour later the girl decided to take the cat and go home.

She did so .Not mnay days later it was known that the cat was ill.She cought a cold and could not stay in the street any more.Th girl was very sad siing the cats weakness.Then she decided to fight for the cats life .She took her to the hospital to cure her.

She cured the cat and gave her to the other family.Murlik lives there very healthy and happy.They have two more cats and the cat has friends.
Natalie did a very kind thing .She cured the act and gave her a very safe life.

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