«Poor child gave the puppy his last sweater: this act changed his life six months later.»

The boy, who grew up in a poor neighborhood, decided to share his last sweater with a freezing puppy. This act was completely selfless, but six months later, kindness returned to him twofold, changing his life forever.

The boy often walked with his faithful friend, a homeless dog named Jugga, through the dark streets of Karachi. He did everything possible to feed the dog, and when the cold weather came, he gave his last sweater to the puppy. This simple yet touching act of caring for the animal not only affected the boy’s life but also that of his family.

One day, the popular photographer Mohammad Imran Bellal noticed the unusual dog in a sweater on the street. He started taking pictures of the dog and met its owner, a boy named Karma. The photographer published the picture of the boy and his dog on social media. Karma’s story touched the hearts of thousands of people, including the wealthy Pakistani-Canadian businessman, Sohaib Jamal.

Sohaib started raising funds and quickly collected $20,000 to help the boy and his family. Personally visiting them, he got to know the family and decided to financially support them. Karma went to school, and his older brother found a job. Finally, the family was able to move to a decent apartment.

The sincere care for his pet helped the boy escape poverty. The most important thing was that he did it all selflessly.

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