Power of love: The sweet and encouraging couple managed to lose 200 kg together due to their strong love

Love and motivation are something essential in our life.

They are the motor to have changes in our life both physically, and mentally.

However, let’s admit that especially gathering the strength to try to change something is not that easy.

So, here love and support come to inspire us with their magical power.

This cute couple with strong willpower dramatically changed their lives thanks to constant love and support.

Only two years ago, 26-year-old Lexi weighed 220 kg, and her boyfriend, Danny had 127 kg.

Over the years, they were getting overweight until the moment when Danny could not even hug his girlfriend in his arms.

So, Lexi gained her all strength and decided to lose weight, and shortly past, she could relatively lose much weight.

Amazingly, she could lose 135 kg!

As the couple announced, they did not have a personal trainer or a special diet program.

All they managed to reach up was due to their strong support and motivation for each other.

They were planning a wedding party and fancied becoming parents and living their healthy and happy life together.

The encouraged couple gained their all potential to set their goal and prove they could make any change they want.

Now, Danny weighs 87 kg, and Lexi is 80!

They have become a real inspiration for many people who have the problem of being overweight.

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