Ron, the cat who disappeared after being attacked by a dog, has been reunited with his owners after 62 days of wandering

On April 21, 2022, while the family was on holiday at Fort-Mahon-Plage on the Somme, a great outpouring of solidarity was organized to find the lost cat.

A family from Troyes went on holiday to the Somme with their faithful two-year-old stray cat named Ron.In his transport backpack, the cat followed the adventures of his assistants.

However, on April 17, 2022, the excursion turned into a tragedy.Ron was brutally attacked by a hunting dog, causing him to be injured, although no harm was done.

After 4 days, Ron got scared on the trail from Royon to Fort-Mahon-Plage.The owners, despite all the calls, never found a trace of him.

The owner, her husband and son, dedicated to the lost animals, shared the information on social networks.“After a few weeks, we made up our minds. I thought I would never see Ron again, as he is a comfort loving cat. My husband had even bought me a dog to fill my pain, “said the mistress.

But on Wednesday, June 22, a dramatic turn of events took place.The hostess received an unexpected phone call from Sabine Michel, a volunteer from the Association des Chats Libres de Fort Mahon Plage.The young woman explained to him that Ron was here and well.

Thanks to the electronic identification chip, the organization was able to very quickly establish a connection between the cat and its owners.

Ron was able to return home after 62 days of wandering. “Overall he is in good shape. He has a few sores, but nothing serious. I bought everything needed to treat him. But this cat is a miracle. I picked him up when he was very young. He had just been abandoned. He was even almost euthanized, because he was not well at first. What matters today is to have found it,” concluded the owner.

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