Rottweilers save the life of a missing 80-year-old woman by staying by her side until people come to the rescue

Not everyone likes the Rottweiler breed. Most people consider these dogs to be aggressive. In fact, they are smart and kind animals. This story proves that Rottweilers can be heroic as well.

Four Rottweilers saved the life of an elderly woman who spent hours trapping on the school playing field.

However, the accident happened on a very cold January night, when no one thought to go outside.

However, David Molt, along with his nephew, took his four dogs for a walk. David had to take his pets for a night walk because of the neighbors who consider this breed hostile. It was 1 a.m. when the man went out for a walk.

Fortunately, the area of ​​the school yard was open, so dogs ran into it. And what happened next was an old woman sitting next to the trees and trembling all over.

The lady was confused and scared. She just didn’t make a sound when she saw the dogs.

In fact, the dogs found her in time, because, as it turned out, she had been missing for 15 hours on a frosty winter day. Then one of the dogs stayed with the lady, barking and waiting for the people to come to the rescue.

When David saw the poor woman, he immediately called an ambulance. She was taken to the hospital. Fortunately, the lady recovered.

This is a story about heroic dogs who showed care and devotion to people!

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