Sad dog sat in a shelter for 2 years, until he suddenly smelled a familiar smell of her owner

When Pakita was brought to a dog shelter in Argentina, the employees were told she had been found on the streets. The dog was scared and completely alone.

Pakita was very pleased with the volunteers of the center, among whom was Silvia Ferreira.

The dog stayed at the animal shelter for two years. Employees were unable to find its owner or someone else who knew him.

Unfortunately, Pakita was very depressed and withdrawn and seemed to feel very lonely. While the younger pups easily found new owners, Pakita continued to wait.

In turn, volunteers from Arca Animal did their best to find a home for Pakita. They decided to take a photo of her and post it on Facebook to raise the interest of potential owners.

Almost instantly they get a message from a woman who said that this was her son’s dog. The woman said her son thought he would never see Pakita again.

The next day, Ariel came to the shelter to make sure that it was really his dog. Obviously, Pakita also had to make sure that Ariel was her real owner.

When the shelter staff brought Pakita to Ariel, she felt insecure. She hid behind one of them and began sniffing warily.

Eventually, she smelled a familiar scent, and you can see for yourself the exact moment she realized who Ariel was. This moment is very touching!

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