Sherrif and his little puppy were arrested and did not live even a day and were buried the same dayd

67 years old man worked as a policeman he did it 40 years In Georgia in Ogayino.

He  had alrey retired and wanted that summer tohave a voyage with his girlfriend and his dog.But as a surprise of him he had a progressive ailment.The dog was at home at that time and nevertheless he was fifteen years old died as his heart stoped bitting.

This was the one tipe of their inner connection.They became very popular in all over the world.It was written about them in all journals and newspapers.They worked together and did it very easy Midj ws very careful puppy and Dan chose her inspide of big and cruel dogs


In a wor they were so attached to each other that after their death they burid at the same day in the same place.

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