Smart stafford terrier chatting with his owner about going for walk or staying home

The intelligence of our pets is truly amazing. They can be so smart that you are simply amazed! It’s not a surprise that some dogs don’t feel themselves dogs.

All they want to do is communicating with their owners and sometimes even argue with them.

Living with us, with people, they, like a sponge, absorb our habits and our aspects of character.

If you don’t believe it, then this video will be the best proof of it. See how this stafford communicates with his owner and understands her perfectly.

He is so big, so strong and so formidable, but he literally behaves like a puppy. This is what love does to animals.

Love softens his heart. It is enough to fall in love with you and there will be another creature in front of you. The owner asks if he wants to go for a walk, and he nods his head and barks approvingly!

The same with return questions. isn’t it a genius dog? His owner can only be envied. With such a dog it will never be boring for sure.

Dogs are wonderful animals and we think they are not just loyal friends, they are interesting and entertaining friends. If you feel alone, don’t hesitate to find an interlocutor for you.

What special skills do your pets have? Let us know in the comments!

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