Somebody threw the dog in the well and very frightening but very friendly cogra saved it

The dogs were thrown in the well and there started being friends with cruel very frightening cobra who was two metres.When two men saw that they were very afraid of the cobra but he did  not want to make hurm to the puppies wich were in a very difficult situation.

Two days cobra wanted to the thing in order to help the dogs but couldnt.He was calm only when he saw the people who wanted to help the puppies.After all when he saw tha puppies are out from the danger only then he went calmly.

As we have seen even the very cruel and wild animals could be friendly and helpful then the people  who could threw that poor animals to that well.The people who took them out decided to keep them in their house in order  make for them very safe becouse they did a very difficult work and liked the puppies.


It is known that the role which played  cobra was the most  important one.Its very interesting that the unwaiting things are always with us in all situations.

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