Starving street doggo is found and fostered by a kind woman: now he’s visiting all the pet-friendly restaurants in the Los Angeles

A previously street doggo now is spending his happy life visiting the trendiest restaurants in Los Angeles.

So happy for this cuteness!

So, it happened, when in a one day, Ivy Diep noticed a stray doggo on the street returning home in 2014.

She named the adorable fluffy creature Popeye.

Then, the tiny pup was so thin and starving, that the kind woman decided to give him a forever loving home.

Her husband, as well as her other pets made friends easily after getting acquainted with Popeye.

Such a happiness for her!

One nice day, when Diep brought her furry friend to introduce an Instagram friend of her, the doggo tried a tasty food and liked it.

So, it became a perfect idea to take Popeye to discover new dog-friendly restaurants.

Together with her friends Diep captures cool pics, and shares them to Instagram.

And, surprisingly, she revealed, that her beloved pet made a good companion at restaurants.

He’s so cute, that he’s perfect-behaved around dishes and would even stand still until her human took photos.

The woman opened Popeye the Foodie Dog page on Instagram, where she shared his crazy and adventurous trips to various restaurants.

It’s interesting for people, especially who had pets, because they visited only such dog-friendly places.

It’s vital for the woman to feed her cute doggo with safe and delicious food.

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