Such a great reunion: a kind man found a deaf and missing doggo and returned him to his family

For many people, pets have a special and irreplaceable corner in their hearts.

And life without their company will be stressful and boring.

So, for the heroine of this story, this is the very situation.

It happened so, that Marisa’s life dramatically changed, after losing her baby.

So, it was one of the hardest periods of her life, when she received this cute pup as a gift.

She had three children, and one of her kids had recently passed away from brain cancer.

Besides, she took care of her kids alone.

So, the dog gave her the strength and inspiration to start a new life.

At first, the woman didn’t realize, that her dog was deaf.

However, they discovered the matter, when their doggo named Rufus didn’t respond to loud and stressful noises, such as her baby’s cry.

But, they kept treating him the same way, even Marisa said that it was her dog’s “superpower”.

However, once Rufus escaped from the house and didn’t return for a long time.

Immediately the woman called for a rescue team to help to find Rufus, but in vain.

It’d already been a long time since Rufus was missing, so the homeless woman thought they would never find him.

Luckily, one day Arabel Solis spotted the pup and took him to the shelter.

Here the staff recognized Rufus and called Marisa.

So, it’s a miracle for the woman.

Their reunion was so touching!

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