The Australian shepherd dog fell into the water in the open sea and returned to the shore after 2 days of swimming.

An incredible story that proves the power of life of this dog named Jolie.His owners were devastated and thought they had lost him forever.But that’s without counting on the physical form of their loyal companion.

A Danish couple and their Australian shepherd dog, Jolie, were on holiday in the Mediterranean on a sailing boat bound for Ibiza.On Wednesday, June 22, 2022, they experienced a major storm.That’s when Jolie went overboard.

Unsuccessful attempts by the Coast Guard to find and save her left her owners with little hope.They naturally thought that he had drowned in the huge waves.But miraculously, 2 days later, Jolie arrived safe and sound at Aguilas beach in southeastern Spain.

Tourists who saw Jolie’s land wondered where she came from.They then took him to the local police who took care of him and then entrusted him to a local shelter.After checking his microchip, the trainers found out that he was in Denmark.Disturbing fact.

Before they could find its owners, a woman contacted them at sea near Calpe, a coastal town about 250 kilometers away.He had heard the news and wanted to know if the incident was real or a dream.He could not believe his ears.Therefore, the couple arrived at the port, rented a car and rushed to the shelter of Aguilas.

Reunion warms the heart.The survivor also testified about his relief and joy at finding his beloved owners.

A happy ending made possible by Jolie’s resilience, as well as her identification and the altruism of her rescuers.



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