The carmakers made a very good place for the homeless dogs to live there

This story is a very wonderful one and it will really take his plse in your inner world.

Workers of bus station gave a place to the homeless dogs to live in safetiness.The story took place in Kuratiba in Brazil.They not only gave the puppies to live but also took care of them.They gave the dogs names Pitoko Maks Zoino.

One famous journalist Fabiana Roza made a post in her facebook profile when she saw the three pets.She also wanted to help  them.

The post became very popular in all over the world .All liked it shared and did everything for it to be famous.We all must do our best in order to help al homeless people and animals .

How do the people in your city take care of this? How do you like the animals?How cariing you are?

Write the answers as a comment and share this in order to show the people all over the world how a person must be with the animals which have need of their aid

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