The cat needed a help and got the attentin of policemen

All policemen are always defferent from other people.And inKorea it is so too.Out of their duties the policemen think they must help people or animals which will have a need.One dark evening the cat went to the policestation and looked at the polisman’s eyes .The man fromm it understood that the cat needed a help,that she wanted him to go with her.Right that it was not allowed them to go during the worktime but the man could not be indefferent from it.This was a known cat when he gave birth to her kittens all policemen feeded her and when the kittens turned under a car she went away and nobody see her.And she came again mot many years later and wanted to show them anything interesting.The man went and not very long the cat shown them the kittens hiden under the tree.They gave th ebox to them put the kittens in it .They stayed there in warmness and happiness with their mum .And when mother cat went away time to time the policemen played with the kittens in the car parking.The little kittens grew in that way and became very healthy big cats.The cat stayed near the policestation lived there and they considered him a mascot .She live but did not  give birth to other kittens any more.

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