The cat went for a walk and came back with the paper in her mouth

This is a very secretive cat.She always goes for a walk and always has her secrets .She always gets treaks but never tells you about it.She will take it in  her mouth but one day her secrtes opened.

The heroe of our story lives in Tailand .This is a story about how she went for a walk in three days .When she wanted to return she thought that nobody could understand anything about her treacks but what a pity it was not so.The real and main explanations gave the paper in her mouth but she could not even realize it.

Isn’t it interesting for you where she was?


she was in the fish shop where she got aquanted with the man who sold fishes.She did not take her eyes from the big fish and the man gave her a pease.For first you can think that it was only kindness but it was not so.

The shy man wrote a paper and put it in the cat’s mouth.She walked in the street three days and all saw the adress and the phone of the man .This was a kind of business.


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