«The child was waking up on the floor in the mornings; the parents installed a camera and understood what was happening at night.»

The parents of little Finn were puzzled as to why their son woke up on the floor every morning. The child hadn’t told them anything about it, so they decided to install a camera.

The first video recordings shed light on this mystery: every night, the little one would go down to his dog, who came to sleep in his room.

Finn and the family dog, Brutus, had been friends since the child’s birth. The dog never left his side and preferred to spend time in his room, despite having other places in the house.

Since the boy moved from the parents’ bedroom to his own room, he never slept the whole night on the bed. Tired of seeing their son on the floor every morning, the parents decided to set up a camera.

«We have underfloor heating in our son’s room, but we still wanted him to get used to sleeping in his own bed. However, according to the video recordings, he just can’t be without his friend,» Finn’s mom said.

In the videos, it is clear how the child carefully gets up from the bed every night, takes his toys and blanket with him, and then settles down to sleep next to his faithful four-legged friend.

The boy’s parents decided to let him continue sleeping with the pet. They are confident that with age, this habit will fade away.

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