The child woke up in the morning on the floor: parents set up a camera to understand what was happening

The parents of a boy named Finn noticed that their child falls asleep in bed, but always wakes up on the floor. The adults could not understand how this was happening and placed a small camera in the child’s room. It turned out that every night the boy goes down to the floor to sleep next to his dog.

As soon as Finn was born, the dog Brutus, living in the family, became his best friend. The dog was always next to the boy and also preferred to sleep in the nursery.

When Finn grew up a little, he moved into his own room, in which his parents installed a comfortable bed. But the boy never slept in his bed all night long.
Every morning the parents came into the room and saw that the child was sleeping on the floor. To understand what was happening, the adults set up a camera in the room.

“We have warm floors in the nursery, we didn’t worry that Finn would freeze, but we thought that he needed to get used to sleeping in bed. Having already watched the camera recording, we realized that the problem was not in the bed, but in the fact that he did not want to leave his friend, ”says the boy’s mother.

The camera showed that every night the boy himself gets out of bed, taking a pillow, blanket and toys and goes to sleep where Brutus lay down.

The boy’s parents did not object to his habit, Finn continues to sleep with his friend, and the adults hope that soon he will appreciate the soft bed and sleep in it.

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